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Rachel and Mike’s relationships started out because rocky

Rachel and Mike’s relationships started out because rocky

Harvey Specter

Mike try Harvey’s member. Even after Mike’s shortage of a laws studies, Harvey hires your, satisfied of the his humor and you can education. Harvey coaches Mike, exactly like exactly how Jessica got mentored him. Mike, who never had one responsible paternal rates in his life, except their granny, just after their parents’ fatalities, relates to value Harvey given that an older sibling and you can a sole friend. While he, inherently, is compelled to lay his have confidence in Harvey as sharing of Mike’s wonders might get your fired, he develops to do this voluntarily because Harvey is good mentor.

Mike was fiercely loyal to Harvey and sometimes would go to higher lengths to own hopeless into Harvey’s behalf. It loyalty also comes with a component of dependency, in a professional and you will psychological style — whenever Mike produces problems, Harvey without fail concerns his services, due to the fact Harvey seems accountable for his representative. Inside the “Shelf-life,” Harvey bails Mike aside whenever Mike are caught searching through data away from a competition enterprise, as well as in “Bail out,” he covers Mike regarding threat of Trevor’s moneylenders. Harvey try defensive out-of Mike inside a mature-brotherly ways; when Jessica learns regarding Mike’s swindle and you may demands which he become discharged, Harvey won’t exercise. Within the “Blood Within the water,” when Mike comes into work at a black-eye immediately after being defeated by the Tess’s husband, Harvey needs to know just who did it how much is Tinder vs Tinder Plus to ensure that he can “kick their butt.”

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